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Elevating Vehicle Fire Safety: Tabra Trading and Reacton Forge Unprecedented Alliance to Safeguard Emirates Transport School Buses

Elevating Vehicle Fire Safety: Tabra Trading and Reacton Forge Unprecedented Alliance to Safeguard Emirates Transport School Buses


In a remarkable stride towards enhancing public safety, Tabra Trading and Reacton Fire Suppression proudly announce their groundbreaking collaboration. With a shared commitment to vehicle safety solutions, these industry leaders are poised to revolutionize fire safety measures for Emirates Transport’s school bus fleet. The partnership’s strategic significance, solidified against the backdrop of Dubai’s global hub, reflects Reacton’s expanding international influence.


A Joint Pursuit of Safety:

With months of collaborative efforts under their belts, Reacton and Tabra Trading are poised to provide a game-changing solution. Their collective endeavor aims to shield thousands of buses across the United Arab Emirates from the ever-present threat of fire.


Addressing an Ongoing Crisis:

The urgency to counter vehicle and public transport fires cannot be overstated. A cursory online search for “bus fire” reveals a disconcerting frequency of incidents, underscoring the imperative need for enhanced safety precautions. Reacton’s pivotal role in introducing automatic fire suppression systems assumes paramount importance.


Empowering Emirates Transport:

Through this partnership, Reacton plays a pivotal role in tackling an imminent challenge, particularly in securing the safety of school buses. This groundbreaking agreement underscores Reacton’s leadership in the realm of vehicle fire suppression systems and their unwavering commitment to prioritizing safety above all else. Regulatory approvals and meticulous adherence to industry standards stand as a testament to their dedication to saving lives.


Setting Unparalleled Standards:

The collaboration between Tabra and Emirates Transport emerged from a mutual recognition of the escalating threat posed by vehicle fires. After extensive evaluation of various protection options, Reacton’s system emerged as the undisputed choice. Its compliance with regulations, cost-effectiveness in maintenance, high output capacity, swift lead times, and comprehensive marketing support set it apart as the ultimate solution.


Exceeding Expectations:

Reacton’s system not only meets the newly established standards for automatic fire suppression in the UAE but surpasses them. Rigorous testing, encompassing fire, vibration, corrosion, and temperature cycling, was meticulously undertaken, with Reacton emerging as the undeniable victor. The culmination of UNECE R107 and P-Mark SPCR 183 approvals, coupled with Reacton’s extensive investment in research and development, reaffirms their commitment to unwavering quality.


Championing Safety Worldwide:

These standards exist to ensure maximum protection for passengers, operators, and the broader community. Stringent test scenarios meticulously evaluate the system’s performance in simulated engine compartment fires. Additional tests for components and vibration validate the system’s reliability, ultimately bolstering its credibility. Reacton’s esteemed experts, including luminaries like Sam Malins (CEO), Ed Chivers (Global Product & Certifications Director), and Jim Dickinson (International Sales Manager), actively participated in and observed the rigorous testing process, reinforcing Reacton’s reputation for excellence.


A Glimpse into the Future:

In the realm of vehicle fire suppression, the collaboration between Tabra Trading and Reacton marks a defining moment. Beyond the Middle East, its influence promises to reverberate globally, propelling advancements in fire safety and charting a secure course for the future of road safety.

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