Low speed limits are increasingly prevalent in areas categorized as “high risk,” primarily due to the close proximity of pedestrians and the significant contribution of speeding vehicles to accidents.


Prominent examples of such areas include town centers, airports, seaports, bus stations, and distribution centers. In a time when companies prioritize “Duty of Care” and health and safety, the Geo-Fenced limiter offers a solution.


This system operates by preloading the unit with Geo-Fence data, which can be customized to encompass areas of any desired size, whether small or large.


For instance, when a vehicle enters an airport with the perimeter defined in the Geo unit, it automatically reduces its speed to the required limit. Upon exiting, the vehicle returns to its normal speed.


The Geo-Fencing capability can be expanded to cover numerous locations, effectively transferring the responsibility for speed control from the driver to the unit.