Adhering to speed controls and punctuating road safety optimization in the United Arab Emirates, more specifically, Dubai, is the Geo-Fenced Speed Limiter. This tool is vital in areas classified as “high risk,” where the interaction of pedestrians and vehicles is imminent and brisk. It brings about a significant reduction in rapidly moving vehicles, notorious for augmenting the rate of accidents.


Typical locations that bear the “high risk” tag include dense town centers, bustling airports and seaports, crowded bus stations, and busy distribution centers. Embodying a “Duty of Care,” and aligning with health and safety priorities, the Geo-Fenced Speed Limiter emerges as a significant solution in Dubai and across the UAE.


The operation of this innovative system is built around the concept of Geo-Fencing. Custom data related to designated Geo-Fenced areas of varying sizes – small or extensive – is systematically preloaded on the unit.


For instance, on entering an airport in Dubai, the perimeter of which has been defined in the Geo unit, the vehicle’s speed automatically drops to the required limit. Once the vehicle exits the airport, the Speed Limiter, acknowledging the change in zone, allows the vehicle to resume its standard speed. This transition is smooth and automatic, easing the burden on the driver.


The unique Geo-Fencing feature is expandable and can encompass multiple areas across the UAE. It objectifies speed control and shifts the accountability from the driver to the advanced Speed Limiter unit, creating a safer driving environment in Dubai and other regions of the United Arab Emirates.