AUTOKONTROL  is one of the world’s vehicle Speed Limiters. Proven in the most arduous operating conditions around the world.

AUTOKONTROL’s systems deliver more than accurate road speed control; they also enable operators to improve vehicle safety, reduce fuel and operating costs, and lower carbon dioxide emissions.

TABRA offers AUTOKONTROL Speed Limiter solutions. This product category is designed to regulate the speed of various types of vehicles reliably, even under the most difficult operating conditions globally.

Benefits of the AUTOKONTROL Speed Limiter:

1- Decreased risk of accidents: By controlling the maximum vehicle speed, the risk of accidents decreases.

2- Reduced maintenance costs: Limited top speed prevents excessive wear and tear on a vehicle, leading to lower maintenance costs over time.

3- Decreased fuel consumption: Controlled vehicle speed leads to optimal fuel usage, saving costs, and being environmentally friendly.

4- Enhanced driver well-being: Speed control helps reduce the stress for drivers, allowing for a more comfortable and safer driving experience.

Use Cases for AUTOKONTROL Speed Limiter:

Speed limiters can be employed in a variety of vehicles such as:

1- Passenger Cars: Speed limiters could be used in certain passenger vehicles, especially those used by rental companies or fleet vehicles, to promote responsible driving and prevent excessive speeding.

2- Emergency Response Vehicles: Ambulances and fire trucks may employ speed limiters to control their maximum speed during non-emergency situations, ensuring safety while responding to emergencies.

3- Public Transportation Vehicles: Buses and shuttles can use speed limiters to prioritize passenger safety and ensure adherence to speed regulations.

4- Construction and Industrial Vehicles: Powerful machines like cranes and excavators can also be equipped with speed limiters to ensure safe operation at worksites.

5- Commercial Vehicles: Trucks, buses, vans, and other commercial vehicles often install speed limiters to align with regulations, improve safety, and reduce operating costs.

AUTOKONTROL Speed Limiter is much more than a device to control speed – it is a comprehensive tool that allows operators to improve vehicle safety, reduce operational costs, and lower carbon dioxide emissions.

Speed limiters can be used in various types of vehicles

AUTOKONTROL speed limiter can be beneficial for several reasons


Prevents excessive speed, reducing the risk of accidents


Ensures adherence to speed regulations and laws

Fuel Efficiency

Optimizes fuel consumption by limiting top speed

Reduced Wear

Minimizes engine and vehicle component strain, leading to lower maintenance costs

Responsible Driving

Encourages drivers to adopt more cautious driving habits

Avoid Speed Fines

Helps drivers avoid costly speeding tickets and fines by maintaining speeds within legal limits

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