Managing vehicle speed and adhering to road safety regulations is of utmost importance, especially in the bustling cities of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) like Dubai. A device that is designed to achieve this efficiently is the Speed Limiter. A key safety and regulatory tool, the Speed Limiter ensures drivers adhere to speed limits and prevent the over speeding of vehicles, enhancing road safety in Dubai and across the UAE.


Speed Limiters are specifically crucial when towing. While the standard maximum speed of a vehicle in UAE roads is typically set at 100Kmh, the law mandates that the speed must reduce once a trailer is attached. The legal speed limit descends to 80Kmh when towing a trailer, irrespective of its type.


Our advanced Speed Limiter steps in as a pivotal tool at this juncture. Once a driver connects a trailer, the Speed Limiter automatically restricts the vehicle’s speed to 60mph. Interestingly, it holds this speed constraint until the trailer is disconnected, upon which it reverts to the conventional limit of 100Kmh.


By smartly managing the vehicle’s speed, the Speed Limiter guarantees compliance with the precise towing speed protocols prevalent in the United Arab Emirates. Furthermore, it fosters safer driving practices by enforcing speed control, whether in Dubai’s urban spaces or down its highways. Hence, ensuring safer roads in the UAE, and safeguarding the lives of its citizens and visitors alike.