Shaping the Future of Student Transportation

TABRA’s advanced bus solutions, where safety meets innovation. We understand that the journey to and from school is an integral part of a student’s day. That’s why we’ve dedicated ourselves to revolutionizing student transportation by integrating cutting-edge technology into every school bus.

Our comprehensive suite of high-tech features ensures a secure, efficient, and comfortable journey for every student. From advanced camera systems and sensors to state-of-the-art safety measures, our technologies are designed to provide peace of mind for parents, schools, and bus operators alike.

TABRA’s advanced bus solution aims to revolutionize student transportation by integrating the latest technology into every school bus. They have an exhaustive suite of features that cater to safety, efficiency, and comfort. These include advanced camera systems, sensors, and top-notch safety measures.

Some highlighted products and services include:

GPS Tracking: Monitors and locates school buses for enhanced security and efficiency.

Emergency Panic Button: Provides immediate alerts in crisis situations.

Child Check Alert System: Records and counts the kids in a school bus.

Audio/Video Intercom System: Facilitates internal communication within the bus.

First Aid Kit and Fire Extinguisher: Essential emergency safety equipment.

LED Warning Flashing Light: Alerts others during stops and emergencies.

Rear View Camera and Parking Sensors: Provide safe navigation and parking.

Stop Arm Camera: Captures video footage of vehicles illegally passing the school bus, thereby enhancing safety.

Driver RFID: Using radio-frequency identification to monitor the drivers’ activities.

Temperature and Humidity Sensors: Ensure a comfortable environment for students.

Effectively, Tabra’s advanced school bus solutions transform the future of student transportation, making every journey a safe one.

Explore our range of advanced bus solutions and discover how TABRA is shaping the future of student transportation. Together, we can make every journey a safe one.

list of smart solutions for school bus

Schools benefits


Cameras, sensors, and tracking systems improve student safety and driver compliance.

Emergency Preparedness

Emergency buttons, fire suppression systems, and AEDs equip buses for emergencies.

Peace of Mind

Real-time tracking provides parents with updates about their child's location.


Onboard cameras provide valuable footage in case of incidents.


Wi-Fi connectivity allows students to complete homework during commutes.


Sensors alert to maintenance needs, saving time and money.