​The Drive-by-Wire (DbW) Speed Limiter distinctly stands out as a safety-ensured gift of technology, specifically designed to restrict the maximum speed of vehicles in the United Arab Emirates, including notably fast-paced Dubai. Central to the DbW Speed Limiter stands its technologically-advanced Electronic Control Unit (ECU), the heartbeat of the system. It holds duty-bound responsibility to sustain the vehicle at the optimal, predefined top speed.


– The Speed Limiter can be tailored accurately to adhere to specific safe top speeds. These speeds may stem from the client’s individual preference or be in line with the legal speed restrictions in various parts of the UAE.

– With the desired speed limit set, the Speed Limiter guarantees that the vehicle does not cross this threshold, thereby anchoring speed control in Dubai and beyond.

– Here’s the exemplary functioning: even if the driver were to press the accelerator, the vehicle stays true to its pre-set speed limit, regardless of the accelerator’s engagement. This forms an effective monitoring strategy to uphold safe driving speeds, greatly relevant in United Arab Emirates’ driving landscapes.

Underscoring the benefits of AUTOKONTROL’s DbW Speed Limiter are:

– Quick and hassle-free installation – the task can be concluded in a record time of approximately 45 minutes for DbW installation.

– The Speed Limiter holds the distinction of having secured more internationally acclaimed speed limiter approvals than any other equivalent brand.

– Serving the global market, it spans over 50 countries, including the United Arab Emirates.

– Comprehensive product liability insurance adds another layer of trust and assurance about DbW’s reliability.

– DbW Speed Limiter manufacturing policies follow internationally recognized quality standards, maintaining the badge of excellence.


Hence, the DbW Speed Limiter emerges as an essential apparatus for driving safety, contributing remarkably to the phase of advancing vehicular safety in Dubai and across the United Arab Emirates.