​The DbW Speed Limiter has been specifically designed to primarily limit the maximum speed of a vehicle. The solution include The DbW Speed function of the Electronic Control Unit (ECU) is responsible for maintaining the vehicle at the desired top speed.




—The speed limiter can be calibrated to a specific safe top speed, either based on the customer’s preference or the legal speed limit.

— Once the set speed is reached, the speed limiter ensures that the vehicle does not exceed it.

— This means that even if the driver presses the accelerator, the vehicle will not go beyond the predetermined speed limit, providing an effective control mechanism for maintaining safe speeds.


The advantages of AUTOKONTROL ‘s DbW Speed Limiter include:


— Quick and easy installation – approximately 45 minutes for DbW installation.

— Holds more internationally recognized speed limiter approvals compared to any other company.

— Supplied to over 50 countries.

— Comprehensive product liability insurance.

— Manufactured in accordance with internationally recognized quality standards.