Crafted ingeniously, Reacton’s In-Direct Release Systems are primarily designed to deliver highly effective Fire Suppression System in crucial environments, a necessity especially in the United Arab Emirates and Dubai. Its frontline detection technique employs state-of-the-art heat and flame-sensitive detection tubing, which serves as a reliable and swift trigger for activation. Upon detecting potential fire threats, Reacton’s patented In-Direct Valve is implemented, thereby initiating the dissemination of a specialized clean agent.


This in-direct release system smoothly navigates the clean agent through a meticulously engineered array of discharge hoses and pipework. This method guarantees a controlled and precise distribution of the clean agent, enabling it to target the menacing fire effectively while averting any collateral damage in the surrounding vicinity.


The inclusion of the cutting-edge heat and flame-sensitive detection tubing exponentially bolsters the system’s responsiveness and precision. Subsequently, the Automatic Fire Suppression System efficiently detects and suppresses fire outbreaks during their nascent stages, drastically reducing potential damages and downtime.


Reacton’s In-Direct Release Systems are much in demand across diverse applications ranging from data centers and industrial facilities to various commercial establishments. They offer peace of mind and reliable Automatic Fire Protection System in critical situations. Backed by groundbreaking innovation and a stellar record of performance, Reacton maintains its status as an internationally trusted name for Fire Suppression Solutions.



Vehicles Protection

Designed to be flexible our range of on road vehicle fire suppression systems can be fitted to any vehicle, without compromising on protection.

Easy to install

With a modular design & world class training, Reacton ensure that its simple for systems to be installed in on road vehicles that have limited room.

5 Year Warranty

Reacton on road vehicle systems carry a robust five year warranty that's only possible because of the robust engineering and quality that goes into every product.


The global standard in road vehicle fire suppression certification. Our systems are rated A+ in there ability to extinguish fires.


Starting at just 4KG our systems are lightest, highest performing and most robust on the market. Supported by world leading design and customer support.

BSI ISO9001:2015

Our quality management system audited by BSI ensures our products and procedures are amongst the best in the world.

No Electrical Power

With no reliance on electrical power or any interfacing the systems are always read to detect and operate regardless of battery condition.

Rugged Design

Tested for With almost all functional components constructed from stainless steel, vibration tested to ISO.


As a global business we ensure our products are compliant where ever they may be fitted. Cylinders are available in both CE & DOT specification.