Having a high-performing fire protection delivery system like Reacton® Direct & Indirect technology is only a component of the overall fire suppression solution. It is crucial to have the appropriate type and quality of extinguishing agent to effectively complete your automatic fire suppression offering.

Reacton® collaborates exclusively with top manufacturers and laboratories of extinguishing agents to provide the most superior fire suppression products on the market. By maintaining close working relationships with extinguishing agent suppliers, Reacton® ensures the seamless integration of extinguishing agents with fire suppression delivery systems, resulting in optimal performance.

TABRA offers an array of extinguishing agents:

3M Novec 1230 Fire Protection Fluid: A clean, safe, and efficient agent that quickly extinguishes fires and reduces overall damage.

Class F Wet Chemical: Specifically formulated for suppressing cooking oil and grease fires commonly found in commercial kitchens.

Furex ABC 770 Dry Powder: A versatile, multi-class extinguishing agent suitable for A, B, and C class fires.

FM-200: Environmentally friendly and widely used in clean agent fire suppression systems for the protection of sensitive electronic equipment.

Furex Magna D Class D Powder: Designed to combat metal fires involving combustible metals like magnesium, lithium, and sodium.

FreeFor 15 Fluorine Free Wet Chemical: Environmentally friendly alternative with excellent performance for suppressing fires in various applications.

All these extinguishing agents are tailored to work harmoniously with our Automatic Fire Suppression System delivering unmatched performance in various fire scenarios. By using these extinguishing agents in combination with their advanced fire suppression technology, TABRA ensures reliable and effective fire protection.