Bringing a fresh dimension to speed controlling technology in the United Arab Emirates, particularly in Dubai, is our latest advancement, the “REVERSE SPEED LIMITER.” Developed with specific focus on reverse driving control, this innovative Speed Limiter device sets a considerably low speed limit that kicks in when the vehicle is switched to reverse gear.


At its core, the speed limit is pre-set to a discretionarily low 10Kmh. However, the innovative design allows for this limit to be adjustable, catering to specific requirements and road conditions in various parts in the UAE. By dictating a speed threshold during reverse maneuvers, the REVERSE SPEED LIMITER thwarts engine over-revving, facilitating effective reduction of fuel consumption and maintenance costs, key concerns on Dubai’s roads and beyond.


Offering compatibility with a wide array of commercial vehicles in the United Arab Emirates, this Speed Limiter is available for rapid installation, estimated at approximately one hour, without significant disruption of vehicle operation. Adding confidence to the product, we back it up with a three-year guarantee.


In an age championing “Health & Safety” and adherence to the “Duty of Care Legislation,” our reversing limiter steps forward as an essential addition to the catalog of Autokontrol Speed Control Systems. It not only improves driving safety and compliance in Dubai but serves as a testament to the commitment of maintaining safety standards across the United Arab Emirates.