A Reaction Fire Suppression System, particularly prominent in the United Arab Emirates and Dubai, relies on an efficient chemical reaction to swiftly extinguish or control fires. Featuring a comprehensive collection of accessories and components, the system is engineered to guarantee top-notch performance and reliability. The range of accessories and components associated with a Reaction Fire Suppression System is as follows:

– Nozzles: Specifically tailored to the extinguishing mediums used, ensuring consistent and predetermined discharge rates with even coverage.

– Valves and Actuators: High-quality, dependable components integral to fire suppression system function.

– Fire Suppression Agents: A broad array of agents optimized for swift and effective fire extinguishment.

– Piping Systems: Expertly designed networks that facilitate the controlled and precise distribution of fire suppression agents.


Furthermore, the system boasts additional features for enhanced functionality and ease of use:

– End-of-Line (EOL): Enables fast and secure system status reporting, along with provisions for initial charging, commissioning, and system pressure checks.

– Pressure Switches: Offers various switch points and thread connections for effective system monitoring, notifications, and shutdown configurations.

– Charging Kits: Custom-made for effortless pressurization and charging of the fire suppression system.

– Digital Leak Detection Kits: Empowers users to confidently operate a micro leak-free fire suppression system, thanks to the kit’s exceptional accuracy.


Other supporting components and accessories are available, such as Detection Tubes, Manual Actuators, Battery Isolators, Vehicle Brackets, and Twin Seal Fittings, all designed to improve the overall performance and user experience of the Automatic Fire Suppression System.

High-quality accessories and components