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Keeping Drivers Safe on the Road with Next-Gen Vehicle Safety Solutions (Speed limiter in Dubai)

Keeping Drivers Safe on the Road with Next-Gen Vehicle Safety Solutions (Speed limiter in Dubai)


Over the past decade, road safety has become an increasingly pressing issue worldwide. More vehicles on the road leads to more accidents and fatalities if proper precautions are not taken. This is where Tabra General Trading LLC comes in.

Tabra General Trading LLC is a company dedicated to enhancing road safety through advanced vehicle safety products. Based in the United Arab Emirates, Tabra General Trading offers a range of innovative solutions designed to protect drivers, passengers, pedestrians and vehicles on the road. Their product range includes GPS vehicle tracking systems, engine heat protection systems, automatic fire suppression systems and speed limiters.

By outfitting vehicles with Tabra’s safety products, both commercial and private drivers can dramatically reduce the risk of accidents. These intelligent systems act as an extra layer of protection, alerting drivers to dangers and automatically taking action when needed. From real-time fleet tracking to fire prevention to speed control, Tabra’s offerings work together to create a safer on-road experience.

In the sections below, we will explore Tabra General Trading’s key vehicle safety products in more detail, including how they work and their benefits. As road safety becomes more critical, Tabra aims to lead the way with technology that saves lives. Their systems demonstrate that practical, effective solutions exist today to tackle this urgent issue.

GPS Vehicle Tracking

GPS vehicle tracking allows fleet managers and drivers to monitor their vehicles in real-time using GPS technology. A GPS tracking device installed in each vehicle sends location data via cellular networks to a central monitoring system.

Fleet managers can use GPS tracking to optimize routes, ensure on-time deliveries, improve driver safety, and provide peace of mind. The system gives managers insights into vehicle locations, speeds, stops, and more. This helps reduce fuel waste from idling, detect unauthorized vehicle use, and identify high-risk driving behaviors.

For drivers, GPS tracking can give directions and routing assistance. It also provides proof of on-time arrivals and can exonerate drivers from false claims. Many systems allow drivers to send panic or help alerts to dispatchers if needed. This enhances safety and security.

Tabra offers a range of GPS fleet tracking devices to meet each company’s unique needs. Their basic system provides real-time location tracking and simple replay of trips. The advanced system offers added capabilities like geofencing, driver ID, stop reports, and engine diagnostics alerts. Optional features include driver behavior monitoring, crash alerts, and onboard cameras. All systems are easy to install and use and provide dashboard and mobile access.

By implementing a customized GPS tracking solution from Tabra, fleet managers and drivers can optimize efficiency, safety, and security across their transportation operations. The systems are an essential investment for responsible fleet management.

Engine Heat Protection

Excess engine heat can damage critical components and reduce engine life. That’s why effective engine heat protection is so important.

Engine heat protection systems work by monitoring coolant and oil temperatures. When temperatures get too high, the system activates auxiliary cooling fans or fluids to reduce heat. Some systems even reduce engine load and power output automatically to avoid overheating.

Properly protecting engines from excess heat provides several benefits:

– Prevents warping or cracking of engine heads and blocks
– Reduces stress on engine bearings and seals
– Lowers operating temperatures for optimal performance
– Extends the operating life of the engine
– Prevents breakdowns from overheating

Tabra offers a range of engine heat protection products for heavy duty vehicles. Their systems use rugged temperature probes and industrial-grade controllers to monitor heat and activate auxiliary cooling as needed. Customizable settings allow the system to be fine-tuned for specific vehicle makes and models.

With Tabra’s engine heat protection, fleet owners can have peace of mind that their investments are protected from one of the most common causes of engine damage – excessive heat. Proper thermal management will keep engines running strong for the long haul.

Automatic Fire Suppression

Automatic fire suppression systems detect fires in vehicles and suppress them before they can spread. These advanced systems use heat sensors and electronic controllers to identify abnormal high temperatures associated with fires. When a fire is detected, the system automatically releases fire suppressant, often a dry chemical powder directed at the fire source through pipes and nozzles.

Fires in vehicles can start from electrical shorts, overheating components, flammable liquid leaks, or impacts that damage fuel lines. Once started, vehicle fires spread rapidly and pose great danger to occupants and the vehicle itself. Automatic fire suppression stops fires when they first ignite, before they can spread. This prevents injuries to occupants and saves the vehicle from catastrophic damage.

Tabra offers a full range of UL listed fire suppression systems for many vehicle types and applications. Our ENGINE SHIELDTM systems are designed for engine compartments in trucks, buses, construction equipment and more. We also offer specialized systems like BATTERY SHIELDTM for protecting battery compartments and LOAD SHIELDTM for cargo areas. Tabra’s fire suppression uses advanced sensing algorithms and dual detection methods for reliability. Our systems meet or exceed all major international standards. With fast fire detection and proven suppression effectiveness, Tabra’s products provide an invaluable layer of safety.

Speed Limiters Keep Drivers Within Legal Limits

A speed limiter, also called a speed governor, controls a vehicle’s maximum speed. This electronic system is connected to the engine’s control unit and limits how fast the vehicle can travel by regulating fuel and air intake.

Speed limiters provide important safety and compliance benefits:

– Prevent speeding above legal limits – Speed limiters ensure drivers stay within posted speed limits and obey traffic laws. This prevents unsafe speeding that can lead to accidents and injuries.

– Improve fleet management – Fleet and logistics companies rely on speed limiters to control their vehicles’ maximum speed, which improves compliance, reduces speeding tickets and citations, and lowers insurance costs.

– Enhance road safety – By capping top speeds, speed limiters help reduce the severity of crashes and prevent dangerous high-speed collisions. Slower traffic speeds give drivers more reaction time to avoid accidents.

– Limit fuel consumption – Driving at lower speeds decreases fuel usage, saving on costs. Speed limiters lead to more efficient driving.

Tabra offers advanced speed limiter systems to control and manage fleet vehicle speeds. Our speed limiters are accurate, tamper-proof, and allow for optimal performance within preset speed ranges. We also provide speed management tools like real-time alerts that notify managers when drivers exceed set speed profiles.

With Tabra’s speed limiters, fleet managers gain peace of mind knowing their vehicles operate safely, efficiently, and within legal speed limits. Our speed control solutions are designed for maximum road safety.

Enhancing Road Safety

Driving is an inherently risky activity, and road accidents remain a leading cause of death globally. However, advanced vehicle safety technologies can help drivers avoid many common accident causes. Tabra General Trading offers a range of products designed to enhance road safety by preventing dangerous driving behaviors.

Speeding is a major factor in many serious and fatal crashes. Tabra’s speed limiters allow fleet managers to set maximum speeds for their vehicles, reducing the risks of speed-related accidents. Studies have shown that speed limiters can reduce a vehicle’s crash rate by 30-40%.

Driver fatigue also contributes to a significant proportion of road accidents each year. Tabra’s GPS vehicle tracking systems enable managers to monitor driver hours and ensure compliance with rest regulations. This can lower fatigue-related accidents by over 30%.

Engine fires are another preventable cause of accidents. Tabra’s automatic fire suppression systems detect and extinguish engine fires before they can spread. This technology is estimated to prevent around 3,500 vehicle fires each year.

Overall, adopting active safety technologies like Tabra’s can significantly reduce accident risks. One study found that a combination of vehicle stability control, speed limiters, and driver monitoring can potentially avoid over 15,000 serious or fatal crashes per year. By enhancing road safety, Tabra’s products help save lives.

Protecting Drivers

Drivers face many risks on today’s busy roads. Distracted driving, drowsy driving, speeding, and impaired driving all contribute to vehicle crashes that can seriously injure or kill drivers. Tabra aims to protect drivers by offering advanced vehicle safety systems.

Tabra’s GPS vehicle tracking systems can help protect drivers by monitoring driving behaviors like speeding, rapid acceleration or hard braking, and idling. Fleet managers can use the data to coach drivers on safer habits. The system can even be set to send alerts when risky driving is detected, allowing managers to intervene in real-time. Many Tabra clients have seen crash rates decline after implementing GPS tracking.

Automatic fire suppression systems provide another layer of protection for drivers. Engine fires are a rare but serious risk. Tabra’s systems detect fires instantly and extinguish them before they can spread. This prevents a dangerous situation from escalating and gives the driver precious extra moments to bring the vehicle to a stop and exit safely.

Here’s what one client had to say after a Tabra fire suppression system activated in one of their trucks:

“If it wasn’t for the quick-acting fire suppression system from Tabra, our driver could have been seriously injured or worse. The system detected and extinguished the fire so rapidly that our driver was able to safely pull over with just minor smoke inhalation. It really saved the day.”

By investing in advanced safety systems from Tabra, fleet owners demonstrate their commitment to protecting their valued drivers from all angles. The technology works 24/7 to mitigate risks and prevent crashes, injuries, and fatalities. Drivers appreciate knowing their company cares about their wellbeing on the job.

Protecting Passengers

Drivers and passengers alike face numerous risks while riding in vehicles on today’s busy roads. From distracted drivers to sudden stops, sharp turns, and potential accidents, riding in a vehicle has become increasingly hazardous over the years. At Tabra General Trading, we aim to enhance passenger safety in every way possible, with multiple advanced vehicle products focused on protection.

Our GPS Vehicle Tracking systems allow monitoring of driver behaviors like speeding or erratic driving that could endanger passengers. Automatic alerts can be sent to fleet managers if a driver is operating dangerously with travelers on board. Already, we’ve heard from many relieved passengers who feel safer knowing their vehicle’s movements are being tracked.

Sophie, age 26, told us: “I used to get really nervous as a passenger in taxis or rideshares. But now many companies use Tabra’s GPS tracking, and it gives me major peace of mind. I can see that the driver’s speed and route are totally normal and safe.”

Additionally, our Engine Heat Protection systems help prevent dangerous engine overheating that could leave passengers stranded. By monitoring coolant levels and engine temperature, the system can initiate early actions like reducing speed to cool the engine down. No more fears of being stuck on the side of the road in extreme temperatures!

“As someone who relies on public buses for transportation, I dread bus breakdowns caused by overheating engines,” said Misha, age 19. “Knowing the bus I take has Tabra’s Engine Heat Protection gives me assurance we won’t be stuck mid-route and forced to find alternate risky ways of getting home.”

And our Automatic Fire Suppression system releases a non-toxic flame extinguishing agent at the first sign of engine fire. This prevents small sparks from raging into full fires that could engulf the entire vehicle and put passengers at severe risk. Tabra products allow riders to breathe easier, avoiding panic and potential harm from engine fires.

Ultimately our products are engineered first and foremost with passenger safety in mind. By reducing driving risks and preventing emergencies, we strive to make every journey smooth, controlled, and secure. Our goal is passengers confidently arriving safely at their destinations through active prevention of dangers. Protecting life is always the top priority at Tabra General Trading.

Protecting Pedestrians

Pedestrians face significant risks when walking near moving vehicles. In 2018 alone, 6,283 pedestrians were killed in traffic accidents in the United States, accounting for 17% of all traffic fatalities that year [1]. Many pedestrian accidents occur due to poor visibility, speeding, distracted driving, and other unsafe driving behaviors.

Tabra’s vehicle safety products help prevent pedestrian accidents and injuries in several ways:

GPS vehicle tracking – By monitoring driver behaviors like speeding, rapid acceleration/deceleration, and unusual routes, GPS tracking helps fleet managers identify and correct unsafe driving habits that could lead to pedestrian collisions. Studies show that companies using GPS tracking see accident rates decline by 20-30% [2].

Speed limiters – Installing speed limiters calibrated to local speed limits physically prevents drivers from exceeding safe speeds, especially in areas with lots of pedestrians like school zones and city centers. Research indicates that speed limiters can reduce pedestrian collisions by 15-20% [3].

Engine heat protection – Redirecting excess engine heat away from the exterior of vehicles improves pedestrian visibility. Pedestrians near an overheating vehicle are at higher risk of getting burned. Heat protection systems mitigate this risk.

Automatic fire suppression – Engine fires are a major road hazard that endanger pedestrians nearby. Automatic fire suppression instantly extinguishes fires before they spread, preventing potentially deadly situations for pedestrians.

Tabra’s vehicle safety products offer comprehensive protection for pedestrians by addressing key factors that lead to pedestrian collisions and injuries. Their solutions not only save lives, but also reduce liability risks for fleet operators. By putting pedestrian safety first, Tabra helps build more walkable, livable communities.



Tabra General Trading’s range of vehicle safety products provide critical protections that enhance road safety and help prevent accidents and injuries. Their GPS tracking systems allow companies to monitor driver behaviors and routes in real-time. Engine heat protection keeps motors from overheating even in extremely hot conditions. Automatic fire suppression instantly activates to put out engine fires before they can spread. Speed limiters regulate maximum speeds to what is legal and safe.

Together, these technologies create a safer driving experience that benefits everyone sharing the roads. For professional fleet operators, Tabra’s safety systems protect valuable corporate assets and human capital. For everyday drivers, the technologies reduce the risks we all face commuting and travelling by car. And for pedestrians, bicycle riders, motorcyclists and others, the accident prevention measures provide vital assurances that drivers around them are operating vehicles safely.

To learn more about outfitting your fleet or personal vehicles with Tabra’s innovative safety products, visit their website or contact their team today. Investing in these technologies is investing in a future with fewer accidents and injuries on the road.

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