Advanced Temperature Monitoring System

Product Description:


This system enables simultaneous monitoring of two different locations. For instance, you can monitor:


–  Engine cylinder head and oil temperature: Simply slide a large stainless hose clamp over the oil filter, place the sensor under the edge, and tighten. No need to tap into oil galleries.

– Engine and auto transmission

– Both cylinder heads on a V8, flat 4, or 6 engine.

– Coolant temperature in and out of the radiator on modified vehicles to assess radiator performance.

– Dual engine setups such as boats or planes (yes, our systems are used in planes too!).


The default display shows temperature on sensor 1, but the operator can switch between sensor 1 and sensor 2 at any time. If either sensor reaches the alarm set point, triggering the alarm, the display indicates which sensor was triggered and shows the actual temperature reading in real time. On startup, the display shows both set points individually.

How does ENGINE GUARD work?


The ENGINE GUARD system is an advanced digital temperature gauge with an adjustable audible alarm. It serves as an early warning system for overheating and provides accurate real-time monitoring of temperature changes. Many owners are surprised to discover significant variations in engine temperature that the factory temperature gauge fails to detect. Factory gauges typically display large temperature changes in three stages: “COLD – OK – OVERHEATING.” However, actual engine temperatures can fluctuate between 90°C and 110°C without the needle moving. This can lead to costly engine damage as overheating can occur rapidly. ENGINE GUARD ensures that you receive a warning before damage is done.


With ENGINE GUARD, you can monitor even small temperature changes and take immediate action. The system detects temperature changes quickly, usually within 40 seconds of starting the vehicle, while most factory gauges take much longer. It is particularly effective at detecting temperature changes due to load. For example, during a test with a Toyota Prado, we observed that at a speed of 100km/h and tire pressure of 30psi, the display showed 116°C. However, at the same speed and with tire pressure of 40psi, the temperature dropped to 112°C. This accurate feedback allows you to adjust your driving style, such as changing to a lower gear or slowing down, if you notice a gradual rise in temperature, especially while towing.


The system utilizes a temperature sensor placed directly on the engine metal, usually on the cylinder head or near the thermostat housing. The sensor is installed like a washer under a bolt, making it quick and easy. Cylinder head temperature is a reliable indicator of overheating since it is where the combustion takes place. In our testing, we have consistently demonstrated that if an engine experiences a sudden loss of coolant, the head temperature starts to rise within 20 seconds. The alarm set point is typically set around 2-5 degrees above the normal highest operating temperature, providing an accurate and timely warning. Unlike traditional coolant-immersed temperature senders used by most manufacturers, the ENGINE GUARD continues to function perfectly even in the event of a sudden catastrophic coolant loss. Factory gauges, in contrast, would display a drop in temperature, providing incorrect information. The ENGINE GUARD also accurately shows temperature changes when coolant is not circulating, such as in the case of a stuck thermostat or failed water pump, whereas immersed senders fail to indicate any change.


The digital display is designed for easy installation and operation. It mounts almost flush on the dashboard with a thickness of only 19mm, allowing flexible placement according to the driver’s preference. The display features a high bond self-adhesive backing, eliminating the need for drilling or cutting into the dash. Operating the display is simple, with the system automatically recording the highest temperature in its memory for easy setup. The alarm set point is displayed upon startup. Additionally, the display includes multiple error warnings for fault detection. With 11 adjustable parameters, you can customize the system to suit your specific needs, including display brightness, alarm delay, and reset times.