Advanced Temperature Monitoring System

The ENGINE GUARD single temperature sensor system offers a convenient Do-It-Yourself (D.I.Y) solution with comprehensive instructions and free technical support. This advanced digital temperature gauge is equipped with a user-adjustable audible alarm, designed to provide accurate real-time monitoring of temperature changes and warn against overheating. Unlike factory temperature gauges that only show large temperature changes in a few stages, the ENGINE GUARD system detects even small variations in engine temperature, giving you peace of mind.


The ENGINE GUARD system is highly responsive, quickly detecting temperature changes, often within 40 seconds of starting a vehicle. In comparison, factory gauges can take several minutes to display temperature changes. Additionally, the ENGINE GUARD excels at detecting temperature changes caused by load, allowing you to make adjustments to your driving style based on accurate feedback. For instance, if you observe a gradual rise in temperature, especially while towing, you can modify your driving behavior, such as shifting to a lower gear or slowing down.


A key feature of the ENGINE GUARD system is its temperature sensor, which is directly installed on the engine’s metal surface, typically on the cylinder head near the thermostat housing. This location provides highly accurate readings since it reflects the combustion process. Extensive testing has demonstrated that if there is a sudden loss of coolant, the head temperature starts to rise within 20 seconds. The alarm set point, usually set slightly above the normal highest operating temperature, offers precise and timely warnings. Unlike traditional temperature senders that are immersed in coolant (common in most manufacturer systems), the ENGINE GUARD system remains functional even in the event of a sudden catastrophic coolant loss. Factory gauges, on the other hand, may show a drop in temperature when coolant is absent, providing misleading information. The ENGINE GUARD system also accurately displays temperature when coolant circulation is compromised, such as in cases of a stuck thermostat or failed water pump, while immersed senders fail to indicate any change.


The digital Display unit is designed for easy installation and operation. Its slim profile (only 19mm thick) allows it to be mounted almost flush on the dashboard, and it can be placed anywhere convenient for the driver or operator. The Display unit utilizes a high bond self-adhesive backing, eliminating the need for drilling or cutting into the dash. Operating the Display is straightforward, with the system recording the highest temperature in its memory, simplifying the setup process. The alarm setpoint is displayed upon startup, and the Display offers multiple error warnings if any faults are detected. Additionally, there are 11 adjustable parameters that allow you to customize the system according to your specific requirements, including display brightness, alarm delay, and reset times.