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Fire Suppression Systems in Dubai: Everything You Need to Protect Your Assets

Fire Suppression Systems in Dubai: Everything You Need to Protect Your Assets

Tabra General Trading LLC is a leading provider of Fire Suppression Systems in Dubai and components in the United Arab Emirates. With offices in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, Tabra serves clients across the UAE with a wide range of fire protection products and services.

Established in 1997, Tabra has grown over the past 27+ years into one of the most trusted names in fire suppression in the region. The company offers fire suppression systems for commercial, industrial, transportation, and other applications. Tabra’s product line includes both indirect and direct fire suppression systems as well as system components, extinguishing agents, and accessories.

Beyond products, Tabra provides design, installation, inspection, maintenance, and other services related to Fire Suppression Systems in Dubai. The company’s experienced team of engineers and technicians ensure proper implementation and ongoing operation of fire protection equipment.

With their extensive product inventory, technical expertise, and focus on customer service, Tabra has established itself as a leading total solutions provider for fire suppression needs in the UAE. The company strives to help clients prevent fire incidents and minimize damage through the right combination of reliable fire protection systems and skilled support.

Fire Suppression Systems in Dubai Offered

Tabra General Trading offers a comprehensive range of state-of-the-art fire suppression systems to protect lives and property from the dangers of fire. Their expert team can help you determine the ideal fire suppression solution for your specific needs.

 Types of Fire Suppression Systems in Dubai

In-direct Release Systems: Ideal for enclosed spaces like machinery, engines, and generators. Novec 1230 fluid, dry chemicals or wet agents are piped throughout the protected space. When triggered, they suppress the fire before it can spread.

Direct Release Systems: Suitable for spaces with less containment like vehicle compartments. The extinguishing agent is directly released onto the source of fire. This localized application minimizes collateral damage.

Applications and Key Features

Fire Suppression Systems in Dubai offered by Tabra General Trading are highly customizable for many applications including vehicles, heavy machinery, marine vessels, data centers, energy infrastructure and more. They offer 24/7 fire detection, real-time alerts, and rapid suppression for maximum safety.

Key features include minimal downtime, clean agents, advanced controllers, ease of inspection, low maintenance costs, and compliance with major international standards.


– Maximum life safety and property protection from fire risks
– Prevent business disruption and data loss
– Reduce damage from smoke, soot or water
– Lower insurance premiums
– Peace of mind from having the latest fire suppression technology

Tabra General Trading’s expert team provides risk assessment, system design, installation and maintenance ensuring you get the right fire protection solution for your needs.

Indirect Fire Suppression Systems

Indirect fire suppression systems detect a fire and then activate the release of extinguishing agents to suppress the fire. Unlike direct systems which release extinguishing agents immediately at the source of the fire, indirect systems work by flooding the enclosed protected area.

Some key applications of indirect fire systems include:

– Heavy machinery like CNC machines and generators
– Vehicles including buses, coaches, heavy goods vehicles
– Renewable energy infrastructure such as wind turbines
– Data centers and server rooms

Indirect systems are designed and installed based on the specific hazard and protected area. Installation involves placing fire detectors strategically throughout the area to identify fire. Pipework distributes extinguishing agent from storage cylinders to nozzle discharge points positioned to flood the entire space.

When detectors identify a fire, signals are sent to a control panel which activates pre-discharge alarms and time delays. It then releases the extinguishing agent rapidly through the piping and nozzles. Common indirect systems use clean agents, CO2, foam, or water as the extinguishing medium.

Key components of indirect systems include:

– Fire detectors (e.g. smoke, heat)
– Control panel
– Agent storage cylinders
– Pipework distribution network
– Nozzles
– Abort switches and alarms

Indirect systems require careful design, installation, testing and maintenance. Trained technicians must calculate the space volume and type of hazard to determine the necessary extinguishing agent quantity and discharge rate. These systems provide reliable active fire protection for enclosed high-value spaces.

Direct Fire Suppression Systems

Direct fire suppression systems discharge fire extinguishing agent directly into protected areas like large or small electrical control cabinets, electric motors, generators, turbines and a range of other industrial applications.

The main benefit of direct fire suppression systems is that they quickly suppress fire at the source before it can spread. They detect fire at the incipient stage and discharge agent directly within seconds through fixed nozzles over the protected hazards.

Direct release Fire Suppression Systems in Dubai offered by Tabra General include FM-200, Novec 1230, CO2 systems, dry chemical and wet chemical systems. They can be applied for a wide range of fire hazards across industries like data centers, telecom, oil and gas, power generation, marine, transportation and defense sectors.

Key components of a direct fire suppression system include:

– Fire detection and control system
– Fire suppression agent and storage cylinders
– Piping network and discharge nozzles
– Manual release and abort stations
– Audible and visual alarms

The fire detection system continuously monitors protected areas and triggers alarms. Upon detection, it actuates the suppression system discharging agent through the piping network and nozzles within 10 seconds. Manual release stations allow emergency discharge.

Direct systems are compact, minimize space requirements and can be easily retrofitted. The fire suppression agent, cylinder sizes and type of nozzles vary based on the protected hazard. Proper hazard evaluation is critical for effective fire protection.

Installation is enabled by the modular system design requiring minimal downtime. Tabra engineers survey, design, install and commission turnkey direct fire suppression systems with seamless integration. They ensure optimal fire protection for mission-critical operations.

Regular inspection, testing and maintenance is provided by Tabra service teams for peak system performance. Direct fire suppression systems from Tabra offer 24×7 fire detection and control with fast suppression to limit fire damage.

Fire Suppression Components and Agents

Tabra General Trading offers a wide range of fire suppression components and extinguishing agents to provide customized and effective fire protection solutions. Key components include:

Control panels – Advanced addressable and conventional control systems to monitor and activate fire suppression equipment. Control panels provide central oversight and early warning.

Detectors – Smoke, heat, and flame detectors that identify fire conditions and trigger alarms and suppression activation. Different detector types are used based on the protected risk and environment.

Release valves – Valves connected to the suppression agent storage cylinders and distribution piping. Electric or pneumatic valves release the suppression agent when activated.

Distribution piping – Steel, copper, or stainless steel pipes distribute the suppression agent from the storage cylinders to the protected spaces. Piping is precisely designed for proper agent flow.

Suppression nozzles – Special nozzles that distribute and disperse the suppression agent into protected spaces. Different types help optimize agent dispersal and concentration.

Key extinguishing agents offered include:

3M Novec 1230 Fire Protection Fluid – Clean agent gas that leaves no residue. Used in sensitive areas like data centers and control rooms. Non-corrosive.

Class F Wet Chemical – Low pH wet chemical agent for commercial kitchen fire protection. Quickly knocks down flames from cooking oils and fat.

FUREX ABC 770 DRY POWDER – Monoammonium phosphate dry chemical for Class A, B, and C fires. Multi-purpose agent for industrial risks.

FM200 – Colorless, non-ozone depleting clean agent gas. Used broadly across industrial, commercial, and marine applications.

FUREX MAGNA D CLASS D POWDER – Sodium chloride dry powder designed specifically for combustible metal fires. Used in metal industry and waste recycling.

Proper selection of components and agents ensures each fire suppression system provides maximum protection for the covered risk and hazards. Tabra’s extensive product range allows for customized system design.

Applications of Fire Suppression Systems

Tabra’s fire suppression systems can be installed in a wide variety of applications to protect valuable assets and save lives.

Vehicles and Machinery

Indirect fire suppression systems are commonly used to protect engines and electrical components in vehicles and machinery such as:

– Buses and coaches
– Heavy goods vehicles
– Generators
– CNC machines
– Wind turbines

These systems detect fires and rapidly suppress them before major damage can occur. Having a fire suppression system on board commercial vehicles and industrial equipment can prevent catastrophic loss.

Electrical Applications

Direct Fire Suppression Systems in Dubai provide fast fire knockdown within the enclosure of electrical systems like:

– Switch gear cabinets
– Data centers
– Server racks
– Control panels

Detecting and extinguishing electrical fires quickly is critical to prevent system failure and data loss. Direct systems discharge agent directly into the area on fire.

Military and Defense Applications

Tabra’s suppression systems are trusted to protect military vehicles and installations. The rapid fire knockdown prevents loss of life and asset damage. Systems can be customized to meet the unique needs of armored vehicles, naval vessels, aircraft and defense facilities.

With the right fire suppression system design, Tabra can provide protection for any valued vehicle, machine or critical electrical systems. Their expert team handles every phase from assessing risk, customizing systems, installation and ongoing maintenance.

Installation and Maintenance

Tabra General Trading has a dedicated team of highly trained technicians to install and maintain all fire suppression systems. Our installation process follows strict safety protocols and industry best practices.

All technicians undergo rigorous training and certification on the latest fire suppression technologies and their proper implementation. We carefully inspect and test every component of the system during installation to ensure flawless operation. The installation process is customized for each unique application while adhering to all relevant codes and regulations.

Routine maintenance is critical for any fire suppression system. Tabra provides comprehensive maintenance plans and emergency service to keep systems in peak condition. Our technicians thoroughly inspect, test, and service all system components based on the manufacturer specifications. This includes checking agent and propellant weights, verifying actuation pressures, testing electrical connections, replacing filters, and more.

For Reacton fire suppression products, our technicians are factory certified and trained on proper Reacton system activation. This helps ensure the electrical actuation unit triggers the extinguishing agent release reliably in the event of a fire. We also maintain spare Reacton components to minimize downtime.

Proactive maintenance from our expert team provides peace of mind that your fire suppression system will work precisely as intended if ever needed to stop a fire. Contact us today to protect your valuable equipment and facilities with a professionally installed and maintained fire suppression system from Tabra.

Benefits of Tabra Systems

When considering fire suppression systems, there are many reasons to choose Tabra General Trading as your supplier.


– Tabra specializes in high-quality systems you can depend on. Their strict production standards and rigorous testing ensure all of their systems are built to last and perform flawlessly when needed most.


– With decades of experience in the fire protection industry, Tabra has unparalleled expertise in fire suppression system design, installation and maintenance. Their team stays up to date on the latest technologies, codes and best practices.

Customer Service

– Tabra prides itself on top-notch customer service. Their knowledgeable team is always available to provide guidance, answer questions and ensure full satisfaction with your system.


– All Tabra fire suppression systems and components come with comprehensive warranties, so you can have confidence your investment is protected. Their warranties cover defects and ensure your system remains compliant and operational.

When you choose Tabra General Trading for your fire protection needs, you’re investing in top-tier products backed by expertise, service and support you can rely on. Their steadfast commitment to quality gives you peace of mind that your people, assets and business are protected even in the most challenging fire events.


Tabra General Trading is an established fire suppression solutions provider based in the United Arab Emirates. With expertise in both indirect and direct fire suppression systems, as well as the various components and agents used, Tabra serves clients across Dubai, Abu Dhabi and beyond.

Whether you need fire suppression for heavy machinery, data storage, vehicles, electrical cabinets or other high-risk areas, Tabra has a tailored solution. By installing and maintaining top-quality fire suppression equipment from brands like Reacton, Tabra helps protect assets and lives from the dangers of fire.

To learn more about Fire Suppression Systems in Dubai and how Tabra General Trading can protect your assets, contact us today. Our team has the experience and products to design an automated fire suppression setup that meets your exact needs and specifications. We serve clients across the UAE and are ready to discuss your requirements in detail.

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