Class F Wet Chemical


The Class F extinguishing additive is specifically designed to address Class F hazards, such as cooking oils or fats. The Class F Wet Chemical utilizes special materials that react with the hot burning oil to form a thick, soapy, heat-resistant crust on the surface of the cooking oil. This crust acts as a barrier, preventing the flammable vapors from reacting with oxygen. While it has the same rapid flame knockdown capabilities as Dry Powder or Foam, the Class F Wet Chemical offers the added advantage of a high heat-resistant fire blanket.

In addition to its Class F rating, this extinguishing agent also provides fire protection for Class A and Class B hazards. It meets the EN3 European standard as a Class A-B-F water additive.

The Reacton® Indirect Cylinders utilising Fatseal Class F Wet Chemical are available in 1kg & 2kg assemblies. The CTX Indirect system consists of a CE-marked high-grade cylinder and CTX Indirect valve. The necessary safety plugs and labels are all included. All systems are supplied factory filled by Reacton®