FREEFOR 15 Fluorine Free Wet Chemical has durable film forming and blanketing properties separating oxygen from the fuel source. Being a liquid, it will flow into the same locations as flammable liquids providing protection in essential areas.

The Reacton® Wet Chemical solution features superior cooling along with a continuous longer application rate than that of other agents offering an extremely high level of re-ignition protection. Reacton’s Wet Chemical is the extinguishing agent of choice for preventing re-ignition from super-heated surfaces.

The Reacton® CTX Indirect™ system utilises a pre-mixed solution of wetting & foaming extinguishing agent containing fluorine free foam concentrates, freeze protection fluid and water. The Reacton® Wet Chemical is effective on Class A & Class B fires.

The Reacton® Indirect Cylinders utilising Freefor 15 Fluorine Free Wet Chemical are available in 1kg, 2kg, 4kg, 6kg, 9kg & 18kg assemblies. The CTX Indirect system consists of a DOT-marked high-grade cylinder and CTX Indirect valve. The necessary safety plugs and labels are all included. All systems are supplied factory filled by Reacton®.